What is RedBox TV? How To Use it

RedBox tv is an application which provides free live streaming channels from over 1000 different languages. If you want to catch a match or what a live tv serial then just install Redbox tv Android application in your device.

RedBox tv has a very simple user interface which makes it easy for the user to find its favorite content. All the channels are well categorized with their respective languages and each channel has over 5 server which promises non-stop entertainment.

redbox tv

Here are the Instructions on how to download and install Redbox tv android application to your device.

  1. Download Redbox Tv APk from the given link.
  2. Transfer the apk file to your Android device.
  3. Tap on the application to launch the installation.
  4. One the installation is complete delete the apk file.
  5. Enjoy your LIVE TV SHOWS.

How to use RedBox Tv?

In order to use Redbox tv, you must know that there is no technical skill required but the only thing you need is to decide in which language I am going to watch a movie or a tv serial. If you like to what movies in English than there are more than 20+ channels on which you can watch English tv shows and movie.  If you like to watch a movie in Hindi or Bengali or tami then don’t worry as there are channels to every language possible.


Redbox tv is an excellent app and has no bugs which can affect your entertainment. If you are a person that doesn’t have time to sit before a tv and watch his favorite shows then this app is perfectly designed for you. If you face a query in downloading or installing the application then do contact us through the contact form.

Top 8 Icon apps for Andorid

Android smartphones are meant for customization or personalization. Several launchers or custom-made ROM adds up with their own icon style or packs. But, there are still few designers who worked hard to create superb Icon apps (packs) for Android lovers. And we have listed Top 8 Icon packs that you can install on any Android device at no cost.

Bleach Icons

Bleach Icons are notable for their decent background with flat UI. It comes with 1500 different sleek edged icons to choose. They fit perfectly on light colored wallpapers. This icon app supports all the key launchers – Nova launcher, Cyanogen Theme, Apex, Smart Launcher, Aviate.
With over 500 free icons that suit nearly every wallpaper, Polycon offers enhanced stock Android experience. In case, any of the icons don’t seem to be covered yet within the pack; you’ve got an option to request for it additionally.
Compatibility: Supports a range of launchers including OEM and custom


It packs with over 1000 icons beside some cool wallpapers. Few known icons come with the multi-color option to choose and customize your way. Just like any other Icon apps, it has built-in request option. If you don’t see any of the icons in the pack, you can expect that in next update.
Compatibility: App makers say it supports total 24 launchers, it might have already enclosed yours also.
Few folks find it difficult to install this Icon pack as it’s not out there on Google Play Store. But, once you installed it by downloading APK file externally, there is no way to get back. Once you downloaded the APK, the installed launcher will automatically discover the app. It packs minimalistic but yet amazing tiny icons, which can grab anyone’s attention. You’re undoubtedly going to love this one.


This one is specially made for rooted devices. You can download any apps and games form this device and don’t have to worry about any kind of virus or malware.  Tweakbox is another alternative of play store.


This app provides you about 2000 icons, which are in the square shape that appears like tiles. The app not only has icons, however even adds up with a wide variety of wallpapers. Whereas in other apps, you need to request for new icons for apps that are not lined yet in the pack. Here, the Voxel itself masks the missing app icon to possess sleek UI.


Silhouette has over 800 icons. You can request for new icons through its app dashboard. The app additionally has the capability to mask missing app icons similar to Voxel. This app stands out of the crowd because of its enticing colored outlines and gray shadows

Gel Icons

Gel Icon pack works with every known Custom Android launcher, naming few of them – Apex, Nova, Lucid Launcher, Go Launcher, Smart, Holo and Sony launcher. The app contains 1600+ icons, Wallpaper of beautiful clouds, drawer icons, different search icons, dynamic calendar support, and option to request missing icons, etc. This app could be an excellent icon pack with a great overlay for a uniform appearance.
These are the top 8 Icon apps for Android devices. You can download them directly from Google Play store for completely free of cost. If you know any other icon app that’s suitable to be added to the current list, then feel free to suggest it by commenting down below.

Spotify Premium

Spotify Premium APK is one of the most used Music apps around the world, and if you once start using Spotify, you will never even think of going back to any other music app. With Spotify, you can browse for any song you want, create your own playlist and also if you wish you can listen to the recommended playlist by Spotify modded APK which will be made for you based on your music taste. If you love to listen to New music, then Spotify is the best place to discover new Songs that you might like instantly. In this article below, you will get the direct download link to Spotify Premium free APK for android.

Terrarium Tv

If you are an android user and love to watch movies then you must have surely heard of Terrarium TV App, Terrarium Tv is an android application that lets you stream latest Hollywood movies and tv shows online for free. using Terrarium Tv you can watch almost Any Hollywood movie that is available on Netflix, the difference is that Terrarium Tv lets you watch all those for free, You don’t need to pay any subscription charges.

The top 10 new android apps of January 2018

With the New Year, if one must start everything new why not your android applications? Here’s a list of top 10 cool apps you should install in 2018.

1. Google Opinion Rewards

There are some apps which cost you money, some apps which are absolutely free and then there is Google Opinion Rewards which rewards you with money. Yes, you read it right. All you have to do is complete a short survey of a minute or two and earn according to it. The more surveys you complete, the more money you get.

2. FastKey Launcher

FastKey Launcher is a perfect launcher to replace your home launcher and give your Android Smartphone a new look. FastKey Launcher lets you choose from an array of wallpapers and themes. With this launcher, you can launch any app with just couple of swipes/taps away.

3. Clip Layer

You’re browsing social media or any other site, you see something and want it to share with your friend. First thing you’ll do is screenshot it. With many screenshot apps coming in the market, Clip Layer is a simple screenshot tool. Clip Layer is a free and handy app which is very helpful at times.

4. PayPal Business

Since many years, PayPal has been handling millions of bank accounts all over the world. Newly launched PayPal Business helps you manage your PayPal account easily. Now you can create and send invoices right away to get instant pay.

5. GBoard

In 2017, Google has updated its keyboard to GBoard. The keyboard is exactly like the same before but a new feature has been added. A Little Google Search button on action bar helps you to see anything from Directions to GIFs. As it is the new update, it has some issues with it which are expected to be sorted out soon.

6. NBA InPlay

Install NBA InPlay from Play Store and compete to win Official NBA prizes while you are watching the live action. NBA InPlay itself recognizes the audio of the game telecasting on your TV Set.

7. Cartoon HD

Cartoon HD is the latest and the safest app for online streaming. After the ban of famous android app Showbox, cartoonhd is the only app available for streaming without any ads in it.

8. Netflix VR

You’ll need a VR for operating this app. Just enter your Netflix login details and enjoy a theatre like VR experience at your comfort. The app is still a bit buggy but is expected to be fine with future updates.

9. Terrarium Tv

If you are an android user and love to watch movies then you must have surely heard of Terrarium TV App, Terrarium Tv is an android application that lets you stream latest Hollywood movies and tv shows online for free. using Terrarium Tv you can watch almost Any Hollywood movie that is available on Netflix, the difference is that Terrarium Tv lets you watch all those for free, You don’t need to pay any subscription charges.

10. Fitso Running & Fitness

It is so important to always stay fit. Many of us may fail to do so but this app will no more let you fail. Fitso Running & Fitness allows you to track the distance, pace and calories you’ve burnt. This app gives you tips and constant reminders to train daily.